Your Ancestors May Also Be Evil

Your Ancestors may also be evil

Yes, it is true. Not only the ghosts or pret but your ancestors may also be evil like demons.  Don’t think that they are divine always. It may be too disgusting to know this bitter truth that the spirits whom you believe to be true and protective, may be demons and evil-active inside your body and kill you too. 

Here is the proof and this is only one example. Many other disgusting truth like this with regard to your evil ancestors are also there. Please watch the following video to get it proved. 

How to get rid of Evil Ancestors

It is also important to know how to get rid of evil ancestors. This is simple but requires time to do it. When you performs five homans or havan, it makes the evil spirits of ghosts or pret, free from their evil state but it requires one more havan i.e. 6th one to capture the evil ancestors and get rid of them permanently. So, total 6 homans are required for this. You can do the next one also for more good results. Please listen this carefully.


Exorcism is necessary to get rid of the evil ancestors who acts like demons. And this is easy but requires faith in God. This is Shiv-Shakti, who make you free from all evils and make your life happy forever. 

By: Marakshanand Prabhu


Marakshanand Prabhu

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