Shat karma in tantra are shantikaran, vashikaran, uchatan, videshan or vidveshan, stambhan and maran. Definitions of the each of the shat karma is given below:-

1. Shantikara

Its actual meaning is to bring peace. shantikaran is used to bring peace and harmony or prosperity in one’s life or in the family. This is also used for welfare of a spirit or the spirits who torture someone for anything. Exorcism is also a part of shantikaran.

2. Vashikaran

Its actual meaning is to control someone. This is one of the most popular use of shat karma which is used to get someone under our control to make him or her work as we want. This is generally used by lovers or people with broken heart to get their love back.

3. Uchchatan

Its actual meaning is not to feel happy or comfortable with. This is also one of the most using part of shat karma to get two or more individuals separated from each other. It makes the target go away from the other one(s) as he or she will start Not Feeling Good or Happy with them.

4. Vidveshan

Vidveshan means to beget quarrels or bloody fights between the targeted individuals by creating great misunderstanding among them. it destroys one(s) life completely as he or she will be in different clashes always.

5. Stambhan

It means to stop a tantra use or to make it immovable. It makes the use in STILL condition and thus the use does not harm the target. it may be for some time or for a long period, depends on the practitioner.

6. Maran

Maran means to kill someone. This is one of most dangerous use in tantra which is used to kill the target slowly or at once which depends on the power of the spell. Generally, evil powers are used this and hence it is always advisable not to use it in common. It is always use as an ultimate weapon in self defense only when there is not way before you except it.

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