Muthkarni is a Maran Prayog (the Dead Spell) in Hinduism to kill someone. There are two types of Muthkarni, one can be seen and another one cannot be seen. People use the second one these days in which the power is invisible and attack on the target and kill him instantly or after some time at an early stage. In this magic spell, the power does not give you time to think upon it. What happened? how did it happen? who did it? You will be just an onlooker. You cannot do anything to stop it as the word is being done metaphysically.

This is one of the most dangerous magic spells in the world as this is not so easy to escape it. Sometimes, the satanic powers or other evil spirits are used to send to destroy the target. They kill the target gradually, not all of a sudden. The person will fall sick and slowly will be going towards death or suicide tendencies will get created in his mind. He will be feeling himself to be dead.

Timing to use

The point to be noted is that Muthkarni spell is commonly started from (new moon) Amavasya and it takes 30 days to complete it. So, on the next Amavasya (new moon) the power is ordered to kill the target. And during this 30 days of period, the target will be feeling uneasiness, weakness without no reason, frastration, short tempered and suicide tendencies.

Be careful

In case of bounce back, this spell can even kill the spell caster or the person, who has hired the spell caster to kill the target. So, be careful always.

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6 thoughts on “Muthkarni

    1. Not always but when you are not expert in the spell casting or any mistake is made, it may bounce back on you. That’s why it is highly recommended not to use Muthkarni spell without a noble guide or guru. Sometimes lack of knowledge comes meanwhile. You must first know about the nature and the powers of the powers being used in it as well as the powers which may protect the target. Take it as a war policy. You will have to keep all factors in mind before use so that its success may be for sure.

  1. If I kill someone with this muthkarni spell then in near future nature will punish me as I go against how can I save myself from that possibility.

    1. Dear Siddarth Bose, as per natural justice, killing someone for self defence when there is no other option, is not a sin. So, using muthkarni to destroy your eneny as an untimate weapon when there is no other option, is not punishable by nature.
      If you are in a jungle and a lion comes to attack on you and you kill the lion in self defence seeing no other option with you, then it is not a sin.

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