How to learn tantra vidya

Before answering how to learn tantra vidya, it is necessary to know about God the almighty, the nature of supernatural powers and movement of Time in space.  Tantra vidya, tantra mantra or magic spells are actually metaphysical operations on the livings beings using different supernatural powers keeping their Time in view.

Where to start

Start first from searching a noble guru for this. Though in shabar mantra vidya, guru is always Guru Gorakhnath. He is the ever-living guru as he never died. But even though a noble guru is necessary for the guidance. You must always be dedicated to your guru. Whatever he says or guide, just follow it.  Don’t think too much over it. Gradually, you will be getting success.

What to learn

Learning of God the almighty is always on top. You must learn the relativity of Time with space and the unseen world of supernatural powers of the cosmos. You must know the nature of different supernatural powers and their places in the creation. You must know the definition of shat karma in tantra practically. Bookish knowledge is not enough because it does not give you the practical experiences of your own.

Protection from evil powers

This is the most important point in learning of tantra vidya which is possible only in living in the holy feet of the noble guru. In the initial stages of learning tantra, your soul is not able to protect yourself from the negative impact of evil powers which may even possess you if a fatal mistake is made. So, always follow the orders or instructions of the noble guru, you are learning from. Remember some actions are irreversible. Don’t try to be smart as it may lead your life in danger forever.

The eligibility

  • The very first eligibility to learn tantra vidya is to have full faith in your guru. Keep following what he says to you.
  • Have sounded mind and body. Don’t use your mind too much unnecessarily.
  • Good command over English or Hindi is an extra advantage.
  • Command over Mathematics, Time calculations, strong imagination power in 4D.
  • Aim to serve God the almighty by serving humanity.

Important notes

  • Never go or travel to your guru empty handed.
  • Follow instructions and obey the orders of your guru blindly.
  • Surrender yourself into the holy feet of your guru.
  • Respect your guru and keep/remember him first before using any spell.
  • If you get any vision or power, discuss it with your guru only, nobody else.
  • Never disclose the powers, you are getting from guruji.
  • Never disclose the siddhi, you are getting from guruji.
Marakshanand Prabhu

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