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  • 1.Very Important FAQs
    Very Important Frequently Asked Questions. Please read carefully and with sounded mind.
  • Do you charge for your services?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami01-10-2015

    Yes of course. Please note that our all services are paid. No service is free of cost. If you are seeking for a free of cost service, kindly do not waste our as well as your precious time and energy in useless arguments.

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    shabar mantra
  • What is Dus Mahavidya?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami02-10-2015

    Dus Mahavidya is actually ten forms of Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. These ten forms are as follows:

    1. Kali
    2. Tara
    3. Tripur Sundari (Shodshi)
    4. Bhuvneshwari
    5. Chhinnmasta
    6. Bhairavi
    7. Dhoomavati
    8. Baglamukhi
    9. Matangi
    10. Kamla

    Each form of Goddess Parvati represents her differently in different form.

  • What is the use of Dus Mahavidya Mantra?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami02-10-2015

    The power of Goddess Parvati (Durga) is lying there in Ten different forms which is known as Dus Mahavidya.  Chanting of Dus Mahavidya Mantra makes one go away from sin (paap) as well as holy (punya). These powers of Goddess Durga fulfil your all valid wishes and send you to salvation. You get prosperity, name, fame and protection from evil in this world and at the end of your birth, you find the final beatitude (Moksha). You will be free from birth and death cycle. You will go to the Eternal being and never come again.

  • I want to buy shabar mantra eBook from you? How shall I get it?
    Guru Kulbhushan Swami02-10-2015

    Good. you will get it soon as it is under process.

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