Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are your services free of cost? Ans: Our all services are chargeable and no service is free of cost.
2. Do you take your charges before or after the work? Ans: Though it is taken before but in some cases, it can be taken in installments. It depends on case to case.
3. Do you give guarantee for the work? Ans: Though our success rate is more than 90% yet no guarantee is given. It is all a matter of faith and believe in God.
4. If I did not get success, will my money be refunded? Ans: As it is already told that it is a matter of faith and believe in Gods and Goddesses, no refund is there because expenses-made on the work can never be reverted back.
5. Do vashikaran spells really exist and work? Ans: Yes it is but as far as it concerns about to work, success is never guaranteed. Generally it works successfully.
6. I have gone to many astrologers before and wasted money to get my work done but they did not do that. What shall I do now? Ans: You are right on your own but this is a matter between you and them. We are nowhere in the picture. Use your mind to detect right and wrong. Rest it is Time factor. You have two options only, either leave it or keep trying until get success.
7. Can I meet you personally? Ans: Yes, why not but it is strictly based on appointments only. Please fix the meeting with date and time and then come to meet me. I am not always available. So appointments are given and limited time is there for it.