Before going ahead, please note that the Disclaimer Policy given below is also a part of our Terms and Conditions. Here is our disclaimer policy:

The information provided on www.shabarmantra.com, and in any reports, emails, ebooks, services or other materials you might receive from www.shabarmantra.com, is for entertainment purposes only and subject to have faith in God. Obviously, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of astrological information, success in work or rituals you do and we are not responsible for how you interpret or apply it or whether you get success or not. The names and images of us have been changed to prevent instances of stalking or harassment. If you are struggling with serious problems, including chronic illness, mental instability, or legal issues, please consult with your local registered health care or legal professional as soon as possible. Please note that each and every problem cannot be solved by astrology or tantra mantra remedies. We are not God but human beings like you. We always try to provide you the best solution as per our analysis about your problems but we never give guarantee of its success anyway. It is all subject to faith and God is supreme to all.

We may make improvements in the products and/or services content of the website at any time.

By requesting services, products, advice or any information from www.shabarmantra.com, you agree that www.shabarmantra.com is to be considered a curio and entertainment on your behalf. Advice or content may or may not influence your decisions and/or behavior. You agree that by accessing www.shabarmantra.com you take full responsibility for any and all consequences acted upon in utilizing the information provided within our site.

Recommendation for Astrological remedies such as gemstones, mantras, yantras etc. are often prescribed by us, after diligent study of the member’s birth chart and with due exercise, prudence and judgement. It must be clearly understood that every such prescription is accompanied by a prescribed method and procedure, which is expected to be followed by you with due diligence. we not responsible for any claims for negative functioning of any prescription of astrological remedy made by us anyway.

The advice given on the website is done in good faith for the benefit of the readers and any information given by us may not be taken as a guarantee or a commitment but an astrological suggestion. It is only a reading or opinion given to the best of our knowledge. Any reliance of our information shall entirely be your own discretion and we shall not hold any responsibility for any of your actions by relying upon our reading/consultancy/suggestion which should only be treated as an opinion given basing on our experience or research work, but we take no liability for any of your actions or damage accrued by you.

We shall not accept any liability from anyone directly or indirectly for any loss or damage that may be suffered by him/her due to our opinion, astrological reading or information furnished in good faith. Astrology or tantra mantra is only a subject of faith and/or calculation of stars in the sky to help boost your moral and to mitigate your tension at the time of crises caused by stars in the form of an astrological suggestion and opinion. This is an express condition with the readers or users.

We never entertain any query related to others’ website or content thereby. Readers/users are requested to contact admin or owner of those websites only where they have taken the content from. Please do not waste our as well as your precious time by this way.

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