Kamini the female demon

Kamini the female demon is very dangerous and exists in evil-sexuality. She is the power of giant Kaal who is always in services of the Demon God. All these powers are highly dangerous and are enemy of humans. Kamini represents herself in the form of extreme lust and inspires the humans towards illicit relationships. The owner of this power i.e. Kaal the demon then represents himself in the form of lust in Males and inspires him towards having sex with the females possessed by lusty evil thoughts. By this way, these two giantess powers, Kaal and Kamini, push the human beings towards lusty evil thoughts and to get themselves sexually satisfied. Both of these powers are in the service of the Demon God who is very very powerful and has many unlimited evil powers.

The Powers of Demon God

A common man cannot go beyond the powers of the Demon God as well as the powers of the giants and giantess who are in his service always. Both males and females in human beings are tried to be controlled by these evil powers to destroy them mentally as well as spiritually. Thus, the man becomes weak and the evil rules on him until he won’t recognise himself.

What Kamini does

Though Kamini tries to get hold of everyone in the form of extreme lust but the one, who is in the service of God or other divine souls, will be away from the influences of evil thoughts. So, be always in the holy feet of divine souls. Do meditation and God will protect you always. This is the only way of getting rid of it and salvation.

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