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sexual possession by Jinn

Sexual Possession by Jinn

Jinn the shaitan

There are two kinds of Jinn, male and female. Civilization of Jinnat is almost as similar of human beings but they are very powerful spirits and invisible to human eyes. They too take birth, live life and even die but their life cycle is much longer than humans. They are also good and bad but generally they are not good to human beings. The human is commonly encountered by male Jinn. The Jinn generally possess female’s body and has sexual intercourse with her while she is sleeping or half-awaken.  Girls often use cosmetic to become beautiful which leaves fragrance and it causes them to spell bound and they possess her body to fulfil their sexual desires.

Male Jinn have sex with female human and Female Jinn with male human. So, Jinn can have sexual intercourse with humans (male and female). A woman, who is possessed by Jinn, is sexual assualted by him. The woman will clearly feel the penetration in her vegina but she will not be able move her body anyway. She will be feeling as if someone is having sex with her in dream but when she will get up, she will fine her vegina wet and a “Big O” will be there. The penetration speed by a Jinn is very high and it may take around 20 to 30 minutes to come to an end. The woman gets pleasure at first but gradually, she will start feeling that something very bad is happening with her which is affecting her life by many ways. She may be continuously ill. Medical reports will be clear but the illness will be existing. The Jinn will stop her marriage and destroy the love relations. She will start getting scary dreams at night.
At first, Jinn tries to touch her private or rub her hands around her body. He may try to kiss her while she is about to sleep or half-awaken.

Once, one’s body is captured by Jinn, it is very difficult to get rid of it. As, the Jinn loves it. He has got a medium to fulfil his lust. So, He will never leave the affected woman until some special rituals and powerful provisions are done against him. He, forcefully, will have to make to get out of her body. Sometimes, Jinn may kill any one who will try to save the woman. He is extremely powerful and it is not easy to get rid of him.

Different religions provide different remedies to get rid of a Jinn or Jinnaat. The most important point is to go into the holy feet of the Supreme Almighty, worship of God, in accordance with your religion. A learned Aamil or tantra expert is reguired to sort out this issue.


1. Many poor and violent dreams.
2. The person feels like someone in his bed but he sees nothing.
3. The person feels that his desire something larger.
4. The person feels as if his dream was real community and wake up very tired.
5. The person just smells perfume.
6. Panting in your ear when you hear in bed when no one is.
7. Often feel that someone on your genitals while sitting in one around.
8. This person has no desire to marry, and has many excuses sure.
9. If a married person, then he has no sense of intercourse with his partner, but to zinaa to commit or to.
10. If a married person, it feels like a stuffy with partner intercourse.
11. If intercourse between the partners then this is only but the other happy, the person with the Jinn wants to not really.
12. If sexual intercourse between partners, and one of them Jinn does the partner along with the community, after the act this person feels bad and very tired and hate the act and sommmigen even find it as bad as they have done and continue zinnat
After dreaming of sexual intercourse is the person very tired.
Dreams about having intercourse with familiar faces like their own father, children, brothers, etc.
The person who has been affected by the ‘ASEQ can sometimes just a hair found in his underwear that is not his.
The ‘ASEQ is unfortunately common in young children, will be For example, wake up naked while she dressed, also complain kids always pain in genitals without medical cause, kids get often shapes the ‘ASEQ to see, so take your children seriously if they arrive with such things.

A person dreams of intercourse, and this is due to the influence of the jinn.
– This person thinks about sex at all times.
– This dream is really sex, so the genitals touching each other.
– This dream takes a long time depending on the strength of the person.
– If the person awakens after the dream, he is very tired, just if he actually had intercourse sometimes sweat This person also.
– This dream often occurs, sometimes three times a week, sometimes every day and Sometimes he sleeps every time he does all this 3 times a day.
– This dream is often the person gets to see his community with people who should never, like his mother, father, sisters etc.

sex by Jinn the demon
sex by Jinn the demon

Mostly when the girls have their menstrual cycle or even otherwise, the devils have sexual intercourse with them. This happens when the magician needs urgent help from these devils. So he offers them with the opportunity to have sex with girls. The devils get delighted and agree to do whatever the magician may order them to do in lieu of sexual favors. It may also happen if the magician wants to bring ignominy to a woman. So he may order these devils to go and have sex with any particular girl. These devils then rush to that particular house and on reaching the spot first of all they perform some magic to put that girl to sleep as a result of which the girl feels dizzy and has a slight headache soon after which she feels sleepy and dozes off. In order to ensure a smooth act, before starting out with the sex, these devils create a barrier around the girl by performing magic, so prevent her from trying to disturb them in any way because it may happen sometimes that the victim wakes up in between and may spoil their fun. So due to the barrier the victim will not be able to move even if she tried doing so. The sexual intercourse done by the evil jinns is similar to the one done by a human couple. The girl has the same sensations as a wife may have during sex with her husband and even though she may try to move from her position, she is not able to do so due to the magic barrier around her .In fact, the girl is not able to understand what is going on with her. In some cases a lot of jinns have sex with a single girl in turns. One of the jinns brings the girl’s mind in his control and tries to seduce her by showing her naked with a nude man in her dream. She feels a lot of pleasure and thinks that the sex is actually taking place in her dream. Since she enjoys it in her dream, she does not make any protest which makes it easier for the jinns to have sex with her in reality. In some extreme cases, such girls end up getting pregnant, which makes their parents grow suspicious about their character. Or else the girls doubt that they had spent a night in their relative’s place, so some one might have done some mischief with them. The victims can never understand the gravity of the situation.

Sexual possession by Jinn or spirit is very dangerous and even can kill someone.